What is the price of Dental Implants in Turkey?

The best way of restoring a missing tooth is implant teraphy. An implant needs the abutments and a crown, so you have to pay for both implant and crown together. Two kind of implants are avaible in our clinic as titanium and zirconia implants. And in the all steps of an implant treatment our Fotona laser system is used and you won’t pay fort his technology.

Dental implants are usually expensive in any european country and in the US and avarage costs are between $3000 and $6000. When you restore your only one missing tooth with the implant and crown on the abutment you have to pay around $4000. You will find the smilar prices in private clinics in the UK and in Germany.
In Turkey you will find more affordable prices for dental implants and it will be around $800 to $1200. Popular implant brands are about $1200 in Turkey and the same brands are thrice expensive than turkey in the US.

When you restore your multiple missing tooth such as all on four or fast and fix systems, prices will be around $25000 to $35000. In Turkey the same implant teraphy will be cost around 8000 Euros or nearly $10000 with the porcelains. Most of the insurance policies don’t pay for cosmetic treatments like all on four or fast and fix systems. That means you will save nearly $15000- $20000 in your budget in Istanbul when compared to the UK or the US.

When the issue is the branded implants you can be sure that the same implant in your country will be used in your mouth in Turkey with cheaper prices. Why more cheaper in Turkey? Cost of the implant itself is nearly the same but the reasons of the high prices are due to other fees like labratory expenses, porcelains and other expenses which are more cheaper in the clinics in İstanbul.