What are The Prices for Minor Cosmetic Treatments In Turkey?

What are the minor cosmetic treatments? Basicly we can counts as laser teeth bleaching, ortocontic braces or apareys, scaling and polishing. Such treatments are usually cost cheaper than major treatments like veneers, lumineers and dental implants. In Turkey people pay much money even for these minor treatments.

However prices may vary between dental clinics in Istanbul, but in an avarage clinic, laser teeth whitening costs around 200 Euros. The price of the same treatment in the UK and the US can be nearly twice higher.
The cost of this procedures depens on the material that made from. So when its used the best material in Turkey, the prices are cheaper than the european countries and the US. That means you can save half of your Money in your budget.

When you need a normal tooth extraction in the US you have to pay about $50 to $60. You can get this treatment for about $25 in Turkey. And in Turkey you will pay just about 50 to 60 Euros when you need a filling, but you have to pay double or thrice in the US and European countries.
Moreover all these treatments are done with latest technologic laser system in our clinic.