Elasticity and biocompatibility are very important in implant prostheses. Advanced solutions Bio HPP are possible with Bio HPP material. In implant-supported fixed prosthetics we recommend screw retained prosthesis instead of cemented (fixed by adhesive materials) prosthesis. Thus, it is possible to clean and extend the lifetime of the implant by preventing periimplant diseases caused by adhesive residues that harms the natural biology.

A) Prothesis with the quality of your own teeth
The main goal is not only to apply the implant to a person, but to make the person laugh with confidence, chew well and talk comfortably.

B) Prosthetics compatible with your tissue biology
For long-lasting treatments, we use biological materials that are well cleaned and compatible with bone structure.


For the full mouth implant rehabilitation we have physiological materials such as BiOHPP that have similar elasticity to bone and zirconia which is biologically inert material recommended instead of metal bridges.

Rehabilitation with BioHPP significantly reduces peak chewing forces both vertical and lateral movement. This property produces a positive effect for the patient and increases the durability of the restoration.

Rehabilitation with zirconia you can achieve maximum aesthetic and bright smile with the biologically inert material. With monolithic zircons it is possible to make biological prosthesis that resist to chewing forces even on long bridges.

Combining BiOHPP with Zirconia you can achieve both aesthetic, physiologic and comfortable  prosthesis that has long lifespan.

With these materials you can have implant retained fixed prosthesis, hybrid prosthesis and telescopic prosthesis.

Depending on the number of implants, the bone structure that you have, loss of hard and soft tissue you can have different types of prosthesis;

  • Cement retained fixed implant prosthesis (can not be removed)
  • Screw retained fixed implant prosthesis (can be removed by dentist)
  • Hybrid prosthesis (can be removed by dentist)
  • Implant retained removable overdentures with different precious attachments such as locator, ball, bar, tisi snap, telescop atachments (can be removed both by patient and dentist).


How can we help you?

How can we help you?