What Are The Prices For Veneers and Lumineer in Turkey?

Dental veneers and luminees are generally used in cosmetic treatments like hollywood smile, smile design or just as one tooth or as bridges. Most of governments don’t pay for these cosmetic procedures. Therefore patients have to pay extra amounts than the usual procedures and have to find a good private dental clinic.

The prices of these procedures depends on the material that made of. In Turkey you will pay around 150 to 250 Euros for a porcelain veneer, however you have to pay around 500 to 750 Euros in the Germany and the UK.
The price for the lumineers is more expensive than the veneers.

You can get this procedure for per tooth about 300 to 350 Euros in Turkey, But you have to pay 600 to 800 Euros in the western European countries, the US or Canada. In the UK and the Netherlands goverments don’t pay for these procedures so you have to go to an expensive private clinic.