Our Hygiene Policy | Medicadent Laser & Bio Dentistry in Turkey

As much as the quality of the service provided in dental clinics, it is important that this service is provided in a hygienic environment. More important is the creation of these hygienic conditions by trained personnel in the field.

In Medicadent clinics, full sterilization is provided in front of the patients in the open kitchen concept with the most advanced sterilization systems.

Thus, as can be seen in the photos below, everyone who wants to have the opportunity to monitor the quality of sterilizations in a transparent environment.

Not only surgical instruments, all instruments including examination sets are autoclaved and recorded by barcoding to determine the day, time, sterilization conditions and the person who did it. In this way, it is possible to keep track of all the instruments used in which patient and when they are used. This system is only applied in the number of clinics and surgical centers have the advanced certification system.

Water distribution is done centrally and sterilization is done from this point.

In addition, the environment of our clinics are periodically sterilized with Nano Ag ions.