Dental Treatments in Turkey

You will have the perfect smile you have always dreamed when you return home. You will feel our support in every moment of your stay in Turkey during the treatment.

Affordable dentist In Turkey with stay for the high quality of dental treatments

As Medicadent family we offer our patients the best dental treatments with the lowest prices. In any european country dental prices are very high according to Turkey. So every year tousands of patients travel to turkey for their oral health treatments in lower costs. You can save your money up to 70% in Turkey than your country. But these lower costs don’t mean lower quality, in contrats you can get the best dental treatments with the highest technologic equipments in turkey.

Reasons for our affordable prices

Our costs are lower because the value of the Turkish lira is lower than in other european country currencies and salaries of employees are lower than in other countries. İn addition technologic products are sold to Turkey in more affordable prices than any other european country due to international marketing policy. All these factors are reflected to the patients as a more affordable price policy. We are a big clinic so we buy our dental equipments in large amounts in lower prices. And two financial advisor are directing all our economic situations including patients transfer expense, dental equipments expense, marketing tools etc. so we save our money for keeping your prices lower.

What does your dental treatment include?

After a detailed examination, we will create a treatment plan that will solve all your problems and share each stage with you. During the time that you spent in Turkey, we aim to solve all your dental problems and send you to your home with beautiful memories and a happy smile.

We offer:

  • All arrangements includes your flight and hotel reservations,
  • Free transfers between airports, hotel and airport,
  • Best solutions for your dental problems
  • Best treatments from the specialised dentists
  • Special Guarantee for all dental restorations
  • Meeting your doctors before the treatment
  • All your questions will be answered

Why should you come to Turkey for Dental Treatment?

You should definitely come to Turkey for your dental treatments which is critical for your economical stiution. For example If your government pay for minor or urgents treatments like tooth extracting due to trauma or acute gum disease, it wont be an advantage for you to come to Turkey.

However most country doesn’t pay for cosmetic dental treatments like veneers, lumineers or all on four implant teraphy. So you have to pay a lot of Money for these to the private clinics.

In this point you will definetely pay a lot less Money for these cosmetic dental treatments in İstanbul in Turkey due to reasons we explained above. You should calculate your total expense when considering to come to Turkey for dental treatments. for minor dental treatments it may not be an advantages for you, but for major treatments like implant, veneer, smile design etc. it will be a very good advantage when counts in all expenses included holiday, hotel, flight and other things.

Why people prefer Turkey for dental treatments?

Turkey is a tourist paradise because of its geographical location that connects two continents. So it attracts millions of tourists every year. Likewise, it is among the countries preferred by many people in terms of dental tourism. Because it competes with many European countries like the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands in terms of both health and technology. Moreover, because it is economically more affordable than many countries, it is mostly one of the countries where health tourism is the most intense in the world. People are flocking to turkey both to make their holiday and to solve their health problems.

The two most important factors in health tourism are: firstly, people want to spend less money in the country than where they come from, and secondly, they prefer countries which dental treatments such as dental crowns, smile design, dental implants etc. are both safe and affordable. Turkey is prefered for dental turism for both life is cheap and dental treatments are cheaper than any other eurpean countries.

What are The Prices for Minor Cosmetic Treatments In Turkey?

What are the minor cosmetic treatments? Basicly we can counts as laser teeth bleaching, ortocontic braces or apareys, scaling and polishing. Such treatments are usually cost cheaper than major treatments like veneers, lumineers and dental implants. In Turkey people pay much money even for these minor treatments.

However prices may vary between dental clinics in Istanbul, but in an avarage clinic, laser teeth whitening costs around 200 Euros. The price of the same treatment in the UK and the US can be nearly twice higher.

The cost of this procedures depens on the material that made from. So when its used the best material in Turkey, the prices are cheaper than the european countries and the US. That means you can save half of your Money in your budget.

When you need a normal tooth extraction in the US you have to pay about $50 to $60. You can get this treatment for about $25 in Turkey. And in Turkey you will pay just about 50 to 60 Euros when you need a filling, but you have to pay double or thrice in the US and European countries.

Moreover all these treatments are done with latest technologic laser system in our clinic.

Comparing Prices in Turkey for Surgical Dental Treatments

Price of the surgical treatments depends on complexity of the procedures, numbers of consultant doctors, costs of operation rooms in a special hospital when sedation is need and more factors. For example in the UK cost of surgery depends on time of surgery and its about 700 Euros per hour. İn the US, prices are extremely high due to inflated specialist and expenses of surgery. Luckily in Turkey, prices are nearly 1/3 of the US and the UK.

For example a sinus lifting procedure which is surgery of enhancing bone volume of sinus cavity cost between $1500 to $2500 per side in New York, Wheras you can do the same procedure about $500 in Istanbul.

Or another example, when you need a cosmetic gum shaping procedure in the US ,which insurance policies don’t pay for it, you have to pay around $50 to $350. In Turkey you will pay around $55 per tooth. You can make a perfect holiday plan in Istanbul with the rest of your money instead of paying hundreds dollars to these procedures in your country. All surgical treatments are done with the laser in our clinic, its always expensive to use laser in dentistry, but in our clinic we use it routinely without extra payments.

Guarantee | We Provide A Guarantee For The Dental Treatments

This warranty will be valid in accordance with the following terms of use of dentures and implants.

  1. Brush teeth for at least 2(two) times as day and perform interdental cleaning(by dental floss or interdental brush) for at least 1 time (once) a day,

There are four important rules you should follow while brushing your teeth. Which include:

  • You should select a medium hard brush with a small head that fits your mouth and brush while the brush is dry. It takes 24 hrs for a brush to dry completely so you should use 2 different brushes.
  • You should apply the brush to exactly where teeth join gums.
  • You should apply the brush equally on surface of each tooth and follow-up the number of times you brush. You should brush for at least 3-4 minutes and make sure you brush each surface 10 times.
  • You may use very little toothpaste(no more than the size of a green lentil) or you don‘t have to use it at all.
  1. Have a professional dental care conducted by your dentist once every 6(six) months and have that documented. (Dental care is a service that is not covered by the warranty and is charged separately by the dentist who has provided the service to you.)
  2. Have a panoramic x-ray check once a year and deliver it to Medicadent. You may also get information by e-mailing your x-rays to . X-ray check and examination under the warranty shall not be charged. If you need a new x-ray during an examination or if you have a different treatment procedure applied, such treatment and procedures shall be individually and separately charged.
  3. Warranty periods for implants and upper dentures applied to the patient pursuant to conforming to the conditions of use are 10 (ten) and 5 (five) years, respectively.

Are Branded Dental Products Cheaper in Turkey?

Branded dental products are nearly in the same prices in every country, but when you used that product in a surgery or another prodecure the price will be affected by other expenses such as the 3d scans and xrays, surgery fees, or other labs fess. So you shouldn’t think that if the price is cheaper, the product is not high quality. The reasons of low prices in turkey is all the other factors are cheaper in our country not the quality of the product. For examples price of customised products like lumineers are lower in Turkey due to lower lab expenses and fees of workers, but cost of the branded material of lumineer is nearly the same in the europe countries.

Why is Dental Care in Turkey Cheap Compared to Other Developed Countries?

As you read before dental treatments are nearly twice or thrice lower than the europa and the US. But this is not due to poor quality materials or service, its totally about economic circumstances of our country. Here are some reasons about why dental care is cheaper in Turkey:

Lower Clinical Fees

One of the main reason is lower clinical fees, because in private clinics turkish dentist cant charge a lot due to poor economical situation of local patients. And as a result of this dentists in turkey usually offer lower prices for the treatments to attract the patients.

Lack of third- party charges

In any clinic in the US and the europe, patients see a lot of fees on the bills after treatments includes fees of dental equipments, fees of labs, dental hygienists, assisntants and more. These kind of fees are not existent in Turkey.

Currency Exchange Advantage

In Turkey fees are usually paid in Turkish Lira. If your currencies are one of the The Euro, US dollar or any Currencies which has 6 or 7 times higher rates against Turkish Lira, you will have a big advantage due to currency exchange rate in our country.

Your comfort is our priority

Everything was kept at a high level so that our patients feel at home when they come to the clinic. We serve our patients in 4 different foreign languages including English, German, Russian, Arabic.

We have specialist staff and high-level technological equipment to assist patients with all kinds of dental problems. We have been serving our patients from many other countries, mostly Europe, for 32 years every day.

Medicadent dental clinics can give permanent solutions to our patients by reducing the treatment processes that will take months or years to a short time like a week or 10 days  with the experience that has given many years, with senior specialist physician staff in the field and with the latest technological equipments it has .

We ensure that patients leave our clinic at the lowest cost and the highest comfort. We are one of the pioneers clinic in terms of Turkey’s dental tourism with high patient satisfaction.


Hygienic Treatment for All

Serving in hygienic conditions is one of our top priorities. Each instrument used is sterilized with the highest technology and is followed up with a barcode system. We work with the central sterilization system in open concept hygiene rooms.

All equipment in our clinic is at the highest level technologically. In our clinic, we have all the equipment to serve our patients with the highest technology at the most affordable price.

Before all procedures, with Newtom imaging device, we can draw up the most suitable treatment plan with 2d or 3d volumetric imaging system.

With the world’s most advanced Fotona laser systems, we can do your dental treatments without anesthesia. With Fotona lasers, we provide painless, no swollen and rapid healing prcesses, enabling you to pass all our surgical procedures with the best comfort.

With Bredent Sky implant systems, we can answer all your problems from single toothlessness to multiple toothlessness. With the fast and fix concept we have been using for years, you can leave our clinic with temporary fixed teeth by making your implants on the same day.

If you are afraid of needles during anesthesia, we guarantee painless anesthesia with the WAND a computer-assisted anesthesia device.

We work with Sirona CEREC systems with Cad/ Cam so that you can have teeth on the same day. If you have vomiting reflex in traditional impression taking procedures, we take your oral impression with our digital intraoral scanners.

As the medicadent family, we have made it a principle not to harm the patient first and to treat every patient like one of our family.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?