Comparing Prices in Turkey for Surgical Dental Treatments

Price of the surgical treatments depends on complexity of the procedures, numbers of consultant doctors, costs of operation rooms in a special hospital when sedation is need and more factors. For example in the UK cost of surgery depends on time of surgery and its about 700 Euros per hour. İn the US, prices are extremely high due to inflated specialist and expenses of surgery. Luckily in Turkey, prices are nearly 1/3 of the US and the UK.

For example a sinus lifting procedure which is surgery of enhancing bone volume of sinus cavity cost between $1500 to $2500 per side in New York, Wheras you can do the same procedure about $500 in Istanbul.
Or another example, when you need a cosmetic gum shaping procedure in the US ,which insurance policies don’t pay for it, you have to pay around $50 to $350. In Turkey you will pay around $55 per tooth.

You can make a perfect holiday plan in Istanbul with the rest of your money instead of paying hundreds dollars to these procedures in your country. All surgical treatments are done with the laser in our clinic, its always expensive to use laser in dentistry, but in our clinic we use it routinely without extra payments.